All of the tutorials below have been categorized by difficulty and include estimated times to complete. All estimated times are in 30 minute blocks (e.g. 15 minutes will show as 30 minutes).

30 MIN

MPage Project Setup

Learn the first steps required to start an MPage project in Angular. Does not require a Clinical Office License.

15 MIN

Deploy to WebSphere/Static Content

This tutorials describe the steps to deploy your Clinical Office MPage to the Cerner Static Content WebSphere server.

60 MIN

First MPage - Patient Demographics (Part 1)

Create your first MPage using Clinical Office:MPage Edition and Angular. Part 1 of this tutorial steps you through integrating Clinical Office and Angular Material into your MPage.

30 MIN

First MPage - Patient Demographics (Part 2)

Continues the project started in part 1 by adding allergies, problems and diagnosis as new components. Along the way we also demonstrate the MPage Log Component and how to streamline your data service payload requests.

60 MIN

First MPage - Patient Demographics (Part 3)

In the final part of this 3 part tutorial we will be adding a list of previous encounters to our MPage with prompts to control the list by registration and discharge dates.

10 MIN

Install Angular Material

Shows the steps necessary to add Angular Material to your MPage application along with provision of a custom module to import all of the Angular Material Componets into your MPage.
The following section assumes you have Angular Material installed in your MPage and have a complete material.module.ts file implemented.


Material Icons

Quickly add scalable icons to your MPage.

15 MIN

Material Buttons, Menus and Toolbars

Covers buttons, context menus and toolbars using Angular Material.