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Anyone who has written a non-trivial Cerner MPage in JQuery can tell you how time consuming and frustrating the effort can be. While people do use it, JQuery was never designed to build advanced web applications. It is for this reason that Google created Angular as a way to rapidly develop advanced web applications that are scalable and maintainable.

We developed Clinical Office:MPage Edition framework as a way to bring Angular to MPage development and the results since our initial release in 2018 have been extremely impressive. Development times have been cut down dramatically and the component nature of Angular has made maintenance a breeze. Our custom debug component further reduces development time by allowing developers the ability to see all data loaded from CCL in real time.

Clinical Office:MPage Edition has made data connectivity with the Cerner back-end simple and hassle free. The advanced queue system ensures that data is loaded quickly and efficiently from CCL leaving you to focus on designing your applications. Best of all, this functionality is all wrapped around the standard Cerner XMLCCLRequest object ensuring compatibility.

A complete list of features can be viewed in our Feature List

Latest Updates

July 13, 2021 - A new version of Clinical Office:MPage Edition is on the way! This new version allows seamless access of CCL through both the traditional XMLCCLRequest and Discern Web Services. Other new features include enhanced debugging capabilities, new utility helper objects and more. Along with the release of the new version, we will also be publishing our interactive training course on our YouTube channel. These videos will be made available free to all Clinical Office:MPage Edition licensed customers.

June 1, 2021 - Angular 12 compatibility has been tested with Clinical Office:MPage Edition. No configuration changes are needed from Angular 11.

November 30, 2020 - Angular 11 compatibility has been tested with Clinical Office:MPage Edition. No configuration changes are needed from Angular 10.

July 10, 2020 - Angular 10 was recently released and we have confirmed that Clinical Office:MPage Edition is fully compatible with the new version.

June 15, 2020 - A new Project Showcase - Patient Tracking MPage One of our clients has graciously given us permission to showcase an example of a very advanced MPage developed with Angular 9 and Clinical Office: MPage Edition. This MPage is a great example of building a data entry system that utilizies information from not only Cerner but a third party patient facing appointment portal.

More Updates

We Make Cerner MPage Development Easy

Developers are always looking for ways to implement the best features into our products while at the same time reducing the effort it takes to implement those features. We write our code with context sensitive editors and use function libraries to style and add rich features to our MPages.

Up until now, feature libaries have been limited to generic web application functionality and no Cerner MPage specific code has been available. If you wanted to write an MPage, you needed to create custom CCL code to load your data from Cerner and the appropriate JQuery/JavaScript code to request and present the data from CCL.

Clinical Office:MPage Edition aims to eliminate much of the grunt work needed to create amazing Cerner MPages. We have created a significant library of CCL code that is responsible for collecting data from Cerner and coupled it with our custom Angular MPage library to give you all of the tools you need to write a Cerner MPage quickly and easily. Our library handles all of the communication between your MPage and CCL and returns the CCL data as easy to use Angular data services. Simply reference the service by name and identify the field you want to display (e.g. person.get().nameFullFormatted).

Angular is a fantastic platform for developing MPages and offers incredible templating functionality that lets you create modular MPage code that is easy to maintain and easy to copy to other MPage applications. Don't worry if you haven't used Angular before as we have built our tutorials assuming that you are new to Angular.


The best way to get a feel for developing MPages in Angular using Clinical Office:MPage edition is to see a quick demo. This YouTube video steps you through setting up a basic MPage and deploying it on PowerChart with Clinical Office.

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Clinical Office Features: Cerner MPage features


Clinical Office is packed with features that make Cerner MPage development quick and easy including.

  • Extensive CCL library
  • Intuitive data services with dynamic loading
  • Automatic multi-threaded queue management
  • On-screen MPage data logging

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Education & Training

Getting up to speed on Clinical Office and Angular is a breeze with our API documentation and growing collection of tutorials.

Even if you have no prior experience in Angular or Cerner MPage development we will have you developing MPages in no time at all.

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Clinical Office:MPage Edition has been designed to dramatically cut down your Cerner MPage development costs.

Many clients see the cost of their Clinical Office license recovered in their first project paving the way to savings on all MPage initiatives.

The choice is simple, saving time and money on MPage development makes sense.

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Attention Software Vendors

We can help you if you are looking to integrate your web application into Cerner MPages but have no experience in Cerner MPage development. Depending on your needs we can build a small subset of back-end Cerner CCL code to collect patient information and integrate it with our Clinical Office Angular libraries. Your project costs would include any custom development (e.g. custom CCL and Angular code) as well as your Clinical Office licensing costs.

Some of the following companies have used our services to integrate their products into Cerner PowerChart with mpages.

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