Purchase Clinical Office:MPage Edition

Purchasing Clinical Office:MPage Edition is as simple as contacting our sales department by email at sales@precisionhealth.net or by calling us at (905) 380-9348.

Our staff will ask a few questions for billing and account setup and will send you an invoice for your Clinical Office:MPage license fees. Your payment will be due within 30 days. Optionally you can make a credit card payment via a PayPal link provided upon invoicing.


Single Hospital Developer License - Up to 10 developers
(Includes perpetual updates)
$5,000 $6,500
Additional Developer licenses
(Price is per developer)
$500 $650
Online Training (2 day instructor led) $5000 $6500

(Canadian prices listed above do not include HST/GST which will be added to your invoice.)

Two Years Free MPage Hosting

All interested licensed Clinical Office:MPage Edition users are entitled a Microsoft Azure app service deployment within the clinicaloffice.com domain space for the purpose of deploying your Angular MPage runtime applications. Clients will be given a [yourname].clinicaloffice.com assignment along with an FTP account and be allowed up to 75 MB of storage.

Simply place your Angular MPage into it's own sub-folder on your FTP account and point to it from prefmaint for immediate access (e.g. <url>https://yourhospital.clinicaloffice.com/prod/your_amazing_mpage/)

The average MPage developed with Angular 9 and Clinical Office:MPage edition takes approximately 1MB in space with our largest MPage deployed in just 1.5MB. The free hosting option will allow you to host between 37 and 75 MPages depending on the size and complexity of those MPages. On average you should be able to host 50 MPages within the free space.

If you exceed your free storage space, a private service plan can be established for $90USD/month which includes 50GB of storage space.

After the free two year period, if you wish to continue using the same hosting resources you will be charged $175 USD per year. Pricing may change based on increases or decreases of our Azure hosting costs.

As a reminder, you can also host your Clinical Office MPages locally on your Static Content folder within Cerner although there are an increase in deployment steps or you can choose to host on any web server of choice.

Who can Purchase?

The Clinical Office:MPage Edition developer toolkit is available to hospital end-users, software vendors and consultants. If you are a consultant or software vendor looking to implement Clinical Office into your next MPage project, the client hospital which you are developing your MPage must purchase a license if you plan on re-distributing our Angular runtime library in a non-compiled application. Essentially this means that any organization wishing to modify or create Clinical Office:MPage applications will require a paid license.

Acceptable License Uses

  1. Your hospital purchases Clinical Office:MPage Edition and are developing your own internal MPages.
  2. You are a consultant or software vendor who has purchased Clinical Office:MPage Edition and are developing MPages for your client where you will only release the CCL run-time code and your compiled Angular Application to your customers.

Unacceptable License Uses

  1. You are a consultant or software vendor who has purchased Clinical Office:MPage Edition and are developing MPages for your client where you plan on releasing all application source code and libraries to your clients. In this case your clients will need a Clinical Office:MPage Edition license of their own.

For our full end user license agreement, please find our EULA here.