Clinical Office:MPage Edition Training

We have released an online training course designed to teach experienced CCL programmers how to write MPages with Clinical Office and Angular.

During the two day training period, students will learn how to build an Angular MPage that utilizes Clinical Office:MPage Edition and Angular Material.


Dates, Requirements and Costs

Classes are typically taught Thursdays and Fridays and availability is on a first come-first serve basis. Access is required ahead of time on an non-production Cerner domain for both the students and instructor.

Both a Clinical Office:MPage Edition license and Cerner MPage Development Toolkit license is required.

Class costs are $5,000 USD or $6,500 CDN (+ GST/HST for Canadian sites). Please see our Sales page for more information.

While anyone is welcome to attend the course, students are expected to have a background in software development to complete the course as advanced programming techniques are covered. Student software development experience does not have to be MPage related but a solid understanding of CCL and/or web development concepts will be highly beneficial.

Completed Project

The screen-shots below show the completed Patient History project which will be developed by students during the course. All techniques learned during the development of this project can be used to create many other MPages.

Initial Tab - Patient Allergies

Problems & Diagnosis Tab (Combining components on the same page)

Visit History Tab (Advanced filtering)

Appointment History (Custom CCL Data Source)

Activity Log (Debugging while viewing loaded patient data)