Clinical Office:MPage Edition
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Purchase Clinical Office: MPage Edition

Licenses for Clinical Office: MPage Edition can be purchased by contacting our sales department by email to . Simply send us an email indicating whether you are interested in a lifetime license, annual subscription and/or instructor led training and our sales team will promptly contact you within 1-2 business days to discuss your Clinical Office: MPage Edition license.

Once you have made a purchase request, our staff will ask a few questions for billing and account setup and will send you an invoice for your Clinical Office:MPage license fees. Unless different arrangements are made your payment will be due within 15 days of the posted date on your invoice.

In most cases, your Clinical Office: MPage Edition license information will be made available to you immediately after payment information and terms are agreed upon.


Clinical Office: MPage Edition is currently offered under both a lifetime subscription price and an annual recurring fee. During the license period all functionality and upgrades is identical between licenses.

Training materials and documentation are included as part of your Clinical Office:MPage Edition license. The training materials and documentation are available here on the Clinical Office website and are updated as new functionality is made available.

Lifetime License - $12,000 USD / $15,000 CDN + GST/HST

Lifetime licenses entitle the license holder complimentary upgrades to Clinical Office: MPage Edition forever.

Lifetime pricing will be retired after the new release of Clinical Office: MPage Edition 3.5 and the updated online training course later this year. We have chosen to move to an annual subscription model to further help support the development of new versions, features, training materials and documentation.

Annual Subscription - $5,000 USD / $7,000 CDN + GST/HST

Annual subscription licenses entitle the license holder access to all upgrades while the subscription is active and paid in full. If at the end of a subscription term you wish to cancel your subscription you will be sent a binary package of your current license version for continued use provided your subscription has been active for two or more years.

Instructor Led Training

In addition to the online training materials, a 3 day online instructor led course can also be purchased for $5,000 USD ($7,000 CDN + HST). If you are interested in an instructor led online course, please contact our sales team at or call us at (905) 380-9348.

License Usage

The Clinical Office:MPage Edition developer toolkit is available to hospital end-users, software vendors and consultants. If you are a consultant or software vendor looking to implement Clinical Office into your next MPage project, the client hospital which you are developing your MPage must purchase a license if you plan on re-distributing our Angular runtime library in a non-compiled application. Essentially this means that any organization wishing to modify or create Clinical Office:MPage applications will require a paid license.

Acceptable License Uses

  1. Your hospital purchases Clinical Office:MPage Edition and are developing your own internal MPages.
  2. You are a consultant or software vendor who has purchased Clinical Office:MPage Edition and are developing MPages for your client where you will only release the CCL run-time code and your compiled Angular Application to your customers.

Unacceptable License Uses

  1. You are a consultant or software vendor who has purchased Clinical Office:MPage Edition and are developing MPages for your client where you plan on releasing all application source code and libraries to your clients. In this case your clients will need a Clinical Office:MPage Edition license of their own.

For our full end user license agreement, please find our EULA here.