Project Showcase - Patient Tracking MPage

Current State

Our client has been using an existing ASP.Net based web application to track movement of patients throughout the day between different stations (e.g. Lab, X-Ray). This existing application was based entirely off a custom application that used it's own independent database.

Many of these same patients being tracked in this custom patient tracking application were also being scheduled in Cerner or through an internet based patient-self serve portal called Clockwise.MD.

Project Scope

The goal of this MPage was to replace the existing web application with a solution within Cerner that could match data between the systems reducing data entry. The requirements of this MPage are:

The Solution

The final solution was completed in just under 160 hours of work. This solution included the development of:

Extensive Project Overview

The attached PowerPoint presentation describes in detail every feature of the Patient Tracking MPage.

Screen Shots

We have included a sample of screen shots from the PowerPoint presentation to hi-light some of the advanced MPage development techniques incorporated into the Patient Tracking MPage. Blurred out areas are necessary to eliminate the release of potential PHI.

Figure 1 - Patient Tracking Home

Figure 2 - Reception Data Entry

Figure 3 - User Comment Entry

Figure 4 - Multi-Station View

Figure 5 - Visit Details

Figure 6 - Area Configuration (Visit Types and Reasons)