Precision Healthcare Solutions

We are Precision Healthcare Solutions

Clinical Office was designed and developed in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada by Precision Healthcare Solutions. For the past 17 years we have been providing our clients the highest quality CCL and MPage development services.

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The Highest Quality Cerner CCL and MPages

Founded in 2004 by John Simpson and Kara-Lee Carson-Simpson, Precision Healthcare Solutions offers our clients a premium experience where excellence is expected in every project. Our team is small compared to our competition as we firmly believe that delivering quality service and products is only possible with the top talent in the industry.

Our talent is hand picked by John Simpson who is a seasoned developer with 23 years of Cerner development experience. All our developers are tested by John and their work is routinely reviewed to ensure it meets our standards.

Our History with Cerner MPages

Precision Healthcare Solutions started developing custom Cerner MPages back in 2011 with JQuery. At the time, creating MPages with JQuery was an incredible way to build impressive MPages but the technology lacked the ability to cleanly seperate presentation from business logic. All of the work in an MPage was performed through DOM manipulation through JQuery which left a messy code base of JavaScript files that were time consuming to develop and difficult to maintain.

It didn't take long for us to start trying out different technologies to see if we could do a better job of creating clean, maintainable MPage source code.

We started working with the first version of Angular and had some decent improvements in our coding. The data binding in Angular was very easy to work with and we found that our code was much more maintainable. The first version of Angular did have it's issues; most notably was performance. For many MPages the code ran fine but when you started to display large quantities of data on screen, rendering became slow and un-responsive.

Still looking for the perfect solution, we experimented with KnockoutJS. We were successful in beating the performance issues we had with Angular 1 and our code was cleaner than JQuery, but code maintenance was still a headache.

Fast forward to 2017 and Angular 2 is up to version 5, stable, wonderful to write and very fast. Our MPages are easy to write and maintain and we have a very clear seperation between our presentation layout and our business logic. The development time of our MPages have dropped considerably but it could be much better.

The big problem that remained was that for any MPage, we still had to write a significant amount of CCL and JavaScript/Angular code to retrieve data as usable objects for our MPages. There is a great deal of the same data (e.g. Person, Encounter, Allergies, etc.) being collected in the majority of MPages which led us to develop Clinical Office:MPage Edition as a way of eliminating all of this duplicate work.

With Clinical Office:MPage Edition, it is now easier than ever to build a Cerner MPage which in turn saves hospitals on time and development costs.