Getting Started

Welcome to the Clinical Office:MPage Edition documentation. We hope you find this documentation extremely useful when developing your MPages.

Your first step in learning Clinical Office:MPage Edition is to download and install Angular on your development PC.

If you are unfamiliar with Angular, we highly suggest that you visit the Angular website at for instructions on installing Angular. We also highly recommed working your way through the Angular Tour of Heroes tutorial on the Angular site.

We have provided Tutorials as well as API documentation to help you get the most out of Clinical Office:MPage Edition. We suggest working your way through the tutorials and once you are ready to start your own MPage, refer to the API documentation for specific feature reference.


Our growing collection of tutorials will teach you all the steps you need to get started with Angular and Clinical Office:MPage Edition.

Start Learning

API Documentation

Our extensive API documentation describes the usage, methods, payload and output of all Clinical Office data services and Angular templates/pipes.

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